I used to blog. Not much though. And at the end of the year it was time to do some digital de-cluttering again. So I reviewed my old web blog. Some of it did not even work anymore. Old WordPress version, problems with updating etc. Let alone the status of the plug-ins and widgets.

Ok, so whats next. Should I upgrade and clean up. Well. Even the blogs themselves are a bit outdated. So, again, whats next. Lets go for a new start. Dropped all the tables in the MySQL database. Removed all the files. Lets go for a clean start and install.

But wait, or should I stop with using WordPress altogether? There are now so many other options for blogging. And why should I blog at all? Deleted everything now anyway, could also leave it like that. Right.

Wrong. I decided to set up a new WordPress based blog. Just also for the sake of experiencing the new stuff and features that have become available. So let’s go.

Hans Winterink

Blogging, blogging, really. Hans is a senior professional in the areas of security, software development, project, program ad portfolio management. He likes photography. This blog just reflects my personal opinions. Nothing more.

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