Why I like Obsidian

Obsidian is an environment to create notes. Plain and simple I like it because: it is beautiful, is markdown based (therefor portable), it embraces the link forward and backward principle, I.e. create a sort of web of atomic notes that can be reused and it is free (some features require though a subscription).

Obsidian makes it simple to make notes in line with the Zettelkasten method. It is worthwhile to take some time to get your head around this method. Start by creating some atomic notes, find the connection and it will trigger to create more notes that can be connected. And this is how the set of notes grows along the lines of your thinking.

The nice thing is that you just can start anywhere and let it network of notes grow. If it does not grow than possibly the subject of the notes is not appealing/interesting enough for you.

Go and have a look of the site of Obsidian and get your free copy for Windows, Mac, Linux or mobile on iOS and Android.

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