Best Focal Length for Street Photography

What is the best focal length for street photography. There is already a lot written on this subject. And it all depends.

Shooting with long focal lengths (more then 70mm) can for sure do the job, but it starts to lose intimacy. With short(er) focal lengths you are dragged into the scene as if you are part of it. Longer focal lengths makes it flat and more distant. You are more looking at a kind of postcard.

Quoting the famous street photographer Robert Capa – “If your photos aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough”. So get close!

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My Most Used Apps (2015)

Included my list of favourite and most used applications. And only in the Apple eco-system, split to OSX (Mac, etc.) and iOS (iPhone, iPad). Categorised as follows:

  • Photography
  • Productivity
  • Social Network
  • Writing and Publishing
  • News and Readers

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